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Whether it’s a residential or business garage door, dealing with a broken garage door opener can cause major issues and can affect the safety and normal operations of your schedule. These malfunctions can cause your business’ operations to come to a stop, and it could keep you and your car exposed to the elements and leave your garage interior at risk of theft and weather damage.

No matter what your issue is, the professionals at Central Ohio Garage Doors will work diligently to provide solutions. We have years of experience in the industry, and we’re a licensed and insured garage door installation and service company in Columbus, Ohio. Either way, we’re confident that we’re the right company to handle your garage door opener problems.

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Picture of a LiftMaster garage door opener in Columbus Ohio

Garage Door Opener Problems

Garage door openers perform a singular task, but they still require a variety of parts to perform reliably. One malfunction in any component and your unit could experience anything from hampered performance to complete disrepair. Our experienced and talented staff will take the time to analyze your situation, test the parts and pinpoint the problem. Some are simple fixes, while others might require more extensive repairs and possibly even replacements.

Garage Opener Repairs

A few common garage door opener issues that can arise include:

The Remote: When your door doesn’t respond to the click of your remote transmitter, or the door opens when you haven’t pressed it, it’s easy to assume the worst. More likely than someone hacking your garage door opener, it might just be the batteries. However, another problem that has been known to occur with transmitters is harder to diagnose, as it can’t be seen. Transmitters can fall on the same frequency as other electronics, which means you might be overlapping with your neighbors opener. You might be controlling each another’s doors without realizing it. We can solve this issue by reprogramming the transmitter to it’s own frequency.

A technician repairing a garage door in Central Ohio

Picture of a damaged garage door opener gear at a residence in Columbus OH

Garage Opener Repair Services Columbus, OH

The Track: It’s easy to forget about, but your opener’s motor hoists a heavy door up and down the tracks multiple times per day for months and years on end. Gradual wear and too much friction between the moving parts can cause issues with the track that can cause total opener failure if you don’t address them quickly. Continuing to use the door when the opener is not working properly can bend the door frame and make the entire door and opener unusable. Common symptoms of track wear include loud noises and slower lifts than normal.

The Main Battery: The main opener unit’s power supply also has a battery in the main overhead unit that can be dead. We offer garage door opener battery replacement through Columbus and the surrounding areas.

Who We Are

We care about operating our business with transparency and integrity. Our repair professionals will diagnose your garage door opener problems using tests and thorough diagnoses, and we’ll make sure you understand exactly what you’re dealing with and how much it will cost. We try to avoid complete garage door opener replacements unless we find them absolutely necessary. In the case that your opener is completely dead and cannot be repaired, we offer reasonable garage door installations at great prices.

Why Choose Us?

We can often handle quick fixes while visiting to diagnose the repair. If the problems are more complicated, we will order the appropriate part replacements and schedule a time to complete the repairs. Central Ohio Garage Doors offers a variety of different opener products and parts to complete your repairs, so you will be able to stay within budget and still get your opener working like new again.

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